And then there were three: Another amazing natural birth with midwives

I’ve sadly neglected this blog while bringing our third little traveler into this world.

Our second daughter was born at the end of August in the same jacuzzi tub with the same incredibly supportive midwives as her big brother and sister. I can’t imagine giving birth without the kind help of the midwives at the San Antonio Birth Center. Instead of being strapped to a table and ordered to push, the midwives told me how well I was doing and how strong I was, brought a straw to my mouth in between contractions, and rubbed my back during excruciating back labor. My darling husband gets to play on his phone until the baby crowns, when he whips out the camera to capture baby shooting into the tub and then being placed in my arms.

A note to self if a 4th traveller comes to the family: get to the birth center earlier! The last two babies came within a half hour of arriving at the birth center after laboring at home. With our third little traveller, from the time I told the midwife the contractions were serious to the time we started driving over, I was afraid the baby was going to come in the car. Fortunately we live just ten minutes away and at 3am we could run all the red lights.

After the birth they move you to a bed in the same room, where you can stay for 6 hours as part of the total package (you can stay longer for an additional fee). I was able to sleep and relax before going back home to eager and energetic kids.

The oldest little traveller loved holding his baby sister and now, at five months, loves making her smile. Big sister treats her like a baby doll, but so far she’s survived.



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